Expeditions to Mount Everest, to the planet's highest mountains, to the world's poles or to the Earth's greatest deserts are challenging endeavours. Preparation for such intense events requires determination, dedication, and passion. All of these attributes are essential to be a successful Adventurer.

The desire to summit a mountain-top, or to traverse the coldest and hottest places on Earth is one thing; however, it takes funding and collaboration to reach these places.

With the support of Partners, these challenges become attainable. By attaining these goals, Partners receive recognition.

Interested in becoming a Partner? Contact Meagan McGrath, Adventurer.


Antarctic Odyssey

Antarctica, Solo South Pole Ski

December-January 2010

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Magic Mountain

Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet

March-October 2010


Marathon des Sables

Morocco, 23rd Edition Desert Run

April/March 2008

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Mount Everest

Nepal, Climbing Mount Everest

April/May 2007