Royal Canadian Geographic Society

“One of Canada’s 90 Greatest Explorers of All Time”

January / February 2020

Meagan has been named one of “Canada’s 90 Greatest Explorers of All Time” by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, in the January/February 2020 edition of their renowned magazine. Meagan had returned from expedition to learn of the honour, and she will endeavour to maintain such recognition as she continues to embark on many more new and exciting expeditions. A huge honour!!

Monte Pissis, Argentina

4 February 2020

Meagan successfully summitted Monte Pissis, the 3rd highest mountain in South America. She had a wonderful support team, Pablo and Hector, and they helped ensured she was ready for the solo summit push. The summit began early morning on 4 February, and due to deep snow conditions, it took all day to reach the summit. It was a long climb, but a fun climb. Highly recommended! The Andes are a beautiful mountain range – the colours at sunset are amazing and the beckoning to climb is undeniable.


CFB North Bay, International Women’s Day

17 January 2020

Meagan had the honour to speak at the CFB North Bay’s International Women’s Day Event. Meagan tested out new talk content, and it went very well. She spoke on the topic of Resilience, using examples from her past expedition experiences to show that even when things don’t go according to plan, you can still take one step at a time to achieve your goals.

Pico de Orizaba, Mexico

11 January 2020

Meagan successfully summited Pico de Orizaba, and three other mountain peaks in 8-days, during a short trip to Mexico. She saw no beaches. The climbs went extremely well, and she travelled with four different climbing partners. A great experience!



International Women’s Day, Yellowknife Northwest Territories

8 March 2018

Meagan was invited to speak at an International Women’s Day event in Yellowknife.  She shared a bit about her upbringing, and how that influenced her philosophy to commit to projects, work hard, all while having a great time achieving goals that were extraordinary.


Rochester Museum of Science and Technology, and Cumming Nature Center

16-17 February 2018

Meagan had the honour to speak at the inaugural RMSC Women’s Council Dine & Discover luncheon, and to speak at NordicFest, hosted by Cumming Nature Center.  She received an extremely warm welcome, and she very much looks forward to visiting Rochester again!  Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and new friendships!

Climbing – Ecuador

January 2018

Meagan travelled to Ecuador for a quick climb and fitness check.  All went well, and Meagan will continue to train for her climbs in 2019!



Canada 150 Women

18 November 2017

It is with great humility that Meagan shares news that she is one of Canada’s 150 Women profiled in the book:  “Canada 150 Women” by Paulina Cameron.  “Canada 150 Women” celebrates leaders, champions, and luminaries in our country that are exemplary in their fields, and are paving the path for others.  It identifies the need to change the narrative about who we see in leadership roles and showcases Canadian women who are champions and luminaries in their fields and are role models to us all.  Meagan is extremely grateful to be mentioned in the company of these remarkable women.  If you are interested in a copy, you are welcome to visit:  canada150women.ca


September 2017

Meagan spent some time in Greenland in September 2017.  She was busily working away, but that does not take away from the experience of visiting this remarkable part of the world.  A place like no other; no single image can capture the utterly amazing beauty and remoteness of this wonderful landscape.


Support from Canadian Women in Aviation (CWIA), Calgary, Alberta

21-24 June 2017

“I would like to extend my appreciation to CWIA for their support of my next expedition.”  Very unexpectedly, during her talk at the CWIA Conference 2017, the committee awarded Meagan with a donation to the achievement of her next adventure.  A wonderful surprise, and Meagan is working diligently to ensure that her next trip is a success to show her gratitude!  Thank you, CWIA!


Speaker aboard Crystal Serenity, Northwest Passage Sailing

Aug-Sep 2017

Meagan has been invited to speak aboard the Crystal Serenity as it sails through the Northwest Passage, from Alaska to Greenland.  A remarkably unique opportunity, Meagan will speak about her past adventures, some of the lessons she’s learned along the way, and touch on some of the off-beat experiences that has engendered her love of adventure!

Nahanni River (Rabbitkettle Lake to Blackstone Territorial Park), Northwest Territories

1-15 July 2017

Meagan was Expedition Leader for a whitewater canoe expedition down the Nahanni River.  She did not provide the paddle expertise, but she was team leader and coordinated all the other details: logistics, permissions, team training, etc for the team.  Everyone on the team was assigned a specific role on the team and contributed in a specific way that was vital to the success of the expedition.  An enormously amazing experience; she greatly appreciated the leadership opportunity and working with a wonderful team.


Canadian Women in Aviation Conference (CWIA), Calgary, Alberta

21-24 June 2017

Meagan spoke at the CWIA Conference in Calgary.  The speakers and attendees were a group of well accomplished women, who shared ideas and interests in a productive forum.

Ojos del Salado, Atacama Desert, Chile

Jan-Feb 2017

Meagan attempted Ojos del Salado, again, in Jan/Feb 2017.  Unbelievably, no summit. The cold, consistent wind driving into her right eye forced a turn-around in the name of safety.  She will have to return in the future.  The Atacama Desert is a beautiful place, and having a reason to return is not so bad.


Puncak Mandala & Puncak Trikora

29 November – 25 December 2016

Meagan embarked on a jungle/mountain adventure December 2016.  There were constant logistic challenges, bearing in mind that climbing remote mountains is not a common activity in Papua.  Megan did well, all things considered!  She problem solved all that she was able – and the best thing – she came home in one piece!

​No summits but absolutely a jungle adventure – and yes – she would do it again!!!

“e-Veritas” Interview

16 August 2016

Meagan responded to some interesting questions asked by e-Veritas, an electronic newsletter produced by the Royal Military College Club.  The newsletter reaches over 7000 readers!  In responding to the questions, asked by  Officer Cadet Carmen Kiltz, Meagan embarked on an interesting exchange, and not only shared her experiences, but gained some interesting cycling trip information from OCdt Kiltz!  Through every interaction, there is always an opportunity to learn about new ideas and experiences!

2 Canadian Air Division (RCAF Training), Professional Development, Winnipeg

15 September 2016

Meagan has been invited to speak at the 2 Canadian Air Division Professional Development Day in Winnipeg.  She will speak about her expeditions and specifically touch on the positive effects of working toward difficult goals.  Specifically, she will describe how she embraces hard work, has a reason to go to the gym and a reason to eat well and live well.  There are so many positive secondary effects of expeditioning – Meagan looks forward to sharing these subtle, positive lifestyle lessons.

Canadian Women in Aviation, Speaker, Calgary

21-24 June 2017

Meagan will speak at the CWIA Conference to be held in Calgary.  Throughout her presentation, entitled “Aim High”, she will share exciting stories of her adventures, while interweaving practical elements such as goal setting, assessing feasibility, plan building, risk management and problem solving.


Canadian Geographic Magazine

July / August 2016

In the July/August 2016 issue of Canadian Geographic, Meagan was listed as one of Canada’s Greatest 25 Women Explorers!  Meagan intends to ensure she has earned this highly respectable honour – as it happens, she’s off on another exciting adventure in December 2016!

Canadian Sport Podcast, Adventure Edition #001

6 May 2016

Meagan participated in a candid interview for the Canadian Sport Podcast.

Arctic Operations Advisor Course, Keynote Speaker, Yellowknife

6 February 2016

Meagan was invited to speak to the students and staff of the 2016 Arctic Operations Advisor Course.  This was a wonderful opportunity where she was able to share her adventure experiences, particularly her Antarctic adventures, with an audience who understands the difficulties of a cold, challenging environment.


True Patriot Love Foundation – Vinson Massif, Antarctica Expedition

Jan 2015 – Jan 2016

Throughout the past year, Meagan has been working with the True Patriot Love (TPL) Foundation, as the Soldier Team Captain.  TPL is a foundation that strives to raise funds which contribute to initiatives that better the lives of veterans and their families.  Meagan is a member of a team, composed of nine ill and injured soldiers and 17 Canadian business leaders, who will embark on an incredible adventure to summit Vinson Massif – the highest peak in Antarctica and one of the world’s Seven Summits.


Athleta Sports Clothing, Chia-Blog Interview

14 December 2015

Meagan was contacted by Athleta Sports Clothing to share the mindset she experiences during her adventures and to demonstrate the stylish athletic wear the brand offers. Thank you to Athleta’s Chia-Blog for this experience!!  “I’m always into trying new things – and this was definitely a first!” – Meagan


Combined Commanders Training Conference,  Winnipeg

3 October 2014

Meagan was invited to speak at the Combined Commanders Training Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  An audience of Canadian Forces leaders, she spoke of her adventures and shared  some of the lessons she learned while on expedition.

Updated Website!!

28 June 2014

If you’ve visited this site previously, you’ll notice that the site has been updated!  A long time in the making – but here it is!  Enjoy!

Royal Canadian Military Institute, Toronto

February 2014

Meagan was invited to speak at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto, Canada.


FPL Trading Conference

5 June 2012

Meagan spoke at the FPL Trading Conference in Toronto, Canada.


International Woman’s Day

23 March 2012

Meagan spoke at 22 Wing CFB International Woman’s Day Event in North Bay, ON.

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Iridium Partner Conference

7-10 February 2012

Meagan spoke at the Iridium Partner Conference held in Oahu, Hawaii. A great event and successful presentation!



Banff Mountain Film Festival Q&A – “40 Days at Basecamp”

29 October 2011

Meagan was invited to attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival held in Banff, Alberta. She played a small part in the very successful “40 Days at Basecamp” film by Dianne Whelan. Following the premier, Meagan was invited on stage by Di Whelan (director/producer) to share in the Questions and Answers session. What an awesome experience to participate in this event!!!


Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Fundraiser

26 October 2011

Meagan was invited to speak at the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Fundraising and Auction Event in Montreal, Quebec.


Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada – Humanitarian Award

18 October 2011

Meagan was honoured by the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation as the recipient of the “Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada Humanitarian Award”. This is a special honour, as Meagan is only the 6th recipient in the Foundation’s 35 year history to receive the award. She looks forward to contributing to the efforts of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation in any way she is capable.


WilderMed Conference

1 October 2011

Meagan was invited to speak at the WilderMed Conference. An outdoor medical conference that brings together practitioners and learners interested in furthering their knowledge base on wilderness and outdoor medicine.

The University Woman’s Club of Vancouver & The Minerva Foundation

17/18 September 2011

Meagan was invited to speak in Vancouver! She spoke at “The University Women’s Club of Vancouver” and at “The Minerva Foundation for BC Women”. She shared her experiences of balancing a full-time career and life as an adventurer.


Sudbury Arthritis Society “Walk to Fight Arthritis”

15 May 2011

Meagan was invited to be the Honourary Chair of the Sudbury Arthritis Society “Walk To Fight Arthritis” event, held in Sudbury, ON.


RadX – Big Life Series

7 May 2011

Meagan participated in a cool production called “RadX” – Big Life Series. The show has aired frequently throughout the year! All kinds of folks approach Meagan and say they’ve seen the show! Special thanks to Laura Hepes to think of Meagan as a candidate for this successful production!

Explorers Club Film Night

26 March 2011

Meagan spoke at the Explorer’s Club Film Night, “Exploring the Art of Exploration” in Toronto, ON.


International Woman’s Day

10 March 2011

Meagan recounted her adventures at the CFB Trenton International Woman’s Day event in Trenton, ON.

Canada Post International Woman’s Day Event

9 March 2011

Meagan spoke at the Canada Post Headquarters International Woman’s Day event, in Ottawa.

“Generation GO!”

28 February 2011

Article: “Generation GO” by Nadia Rushdi.


Ottawa Citizen

28 February 2010

Meagan answers the Ottawa Citizen’s Bruce Deachman’s “20 Questions”!

Ottawa Citizen

6 February 2010

Meagan is surprised by an article in the Ottawa Citizen!


Science North – Antarctic Odyssey

3-4 February 2010

Meagan recounted her “Antarctic Odyssey” at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario! The 3 Feb 2010 sold out, and another show had to be added on 4 Feb 2010! Thanks to everyone who came out!

CBC News

6 February 2010

Meagan on CBC News!


32nd Cubs of Ottawa

27 October 2009

Meagan spoke to the 32nd Ottawa Cubs of Ottawa, ON! A fun talk as the Cubs had many interesting questions throughout! A pleasure to speak with such a curious audience!

Sudbury Media Blast!

16 October 2009

Meagan visited Science North, and participated in a number of interviews (radio, print and television). She spoke to Grade 7 and 8 MacLeod Elementary School Students, and they had fantastic, insightful questions! A really enjoyable event!


14 October 2009

Meagan spoke at Trailhead (1960 Scott Street) about the Everest Base Camp trek that will take place March 2010. The trek will be operated through The Adventure Travel Company, Ottawa, ON.

Women’s Network of Ottawa

14 October 2009

Meagan spoke at the Women’s Network of Ottawa breakfast event in Ottawa, ON. The crowd was lively and inquisitive – thank you ladies for the wonderful breakfast – it was a pleasure to speak to your organization!

The May Court Club of Ottawa

22 September 2009

Meagan spoke at The May Court Club of Ottawa, Ottawa ON. Speaking to this wonderful and adventurous group of women was fun and inspiring! Thank you for the opportunity!

Toronto Star

20 September 2009

Meagan is profiled in the Toronto Star!


Chatelaine Magazine

September 2009

Meagan is one of the athletes featured in the September issue of Chatelaine magazine!


Science North – Antarctic Odyssey Launch

22-24 May 2009

Meagan visited Science North in Sudbury, ON for the announcement of their Diamond Sponsorship of the “Antarctic Odyssey” expedition.

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

8 May 2009

Meagan spoke at Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Weekly Meeting – Key Club Luncheon at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Meagan shared her experience of climbing the Seven Summits with the Kiwanis and the Key Club Highschool representatives – folks who are making a difference in our communities!

Kanata Kourier-Standard

26 March 2009

The Kanata Kourier-Standard profiled Meagan and her adventures. The article, by Cheryl Brink, was in-depth and thoughtfully covered Meagan’s ascent of Mount Everest in 2007.

Stonecrest Elementary School

17 February 2009

Meagan spoke at Stonecrest Elementary School. This was an opportunity for her to share her experience of climbing the Seven Summits with future adventurers!

Air Force Association Breakfast

27 February 2009

Meagan attended the annual Air Force Association Breakfast. This year’s theme: the “Dawn Patrol Breakfast”. This was a great event where Canada’s Air Force achievements from the past year were honoured.



7 Systems

23 December 2008

Meagan is now sponsored by “7 Systems”!! Normally, I’m not one to take supplements or vitamins, but when I tried 7 Systems, I knew I had found something pretty amazing! Many thanks go out to 7 Systems for their support in helping me be nutritionally prepared for the difficult physical challenge of the “Year in the Life” project. To find out more about 7 Systems, please visit: www.7systems.ca

Ottawa Orthotic Lab, the largest in Eastern Ontario, designs and manufactures orthotics and recommends footwear to help active individuals deal with pain and alleviate biomechanical injuries that may result from their sport. "Active People Helping Active People"

Ottawa Orthotic Lab

18 December 2008

Many thanks go out to the Ottawa Orthotic Lab. Their strong support is helping make this Canadian First – solo to to the South Pole – a reality!! To find out more about the Ottawa Orthotic Lab, please visit: www.ottawaorthoticlab.com



5 November 2008

Meagan spoke at Trailhead for The Adventure Travel Company in Ottawa, Ontario. Meagan shared her story of the trek to Everest Basecamp, and the climb to the top of the world!

Safety Solutions Conference and Trade Show

30 September & 1 October 2008

Meagan spoke at the Safety Solutions Conference and Trade Show in Sudbury, Ontario. Meagan shared her observations of the “new” workplace and how to achieve the best results from employees in today’s work environment, and she shared the lessons she’s learned from her experience of climbing the Seven Summits.

Kilimanjaro & Safari – August 2008

9-25 August 2008

Kilimanjaro and Safari August 2008 A Success! Not only did all 7 of the climbers who attempted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro succeed – we were all super fast and strong! Well done team! In addition to our climbing success, the tour agent, TourCan (out of Toronto, Canada) successfully arranged a proper donation to a local children’s trust. We donated wooden desks and a significant amount of funds for supplies to a school – many on the climbing team also donated supplies they had brought from home. A wonderful trip, where friendships were made and memories of laughter and adventure will remain with us for a long time to come!!


Nepal Mountaineering Association

29 May 2008

On 1 November 2007, Meagan was honoured in abstentia for her efforts to help a Nepali climber from a dangerous situation on Mount Everest. Meagan was unable to travel to Nepal at the time of the ceremony, but was able to visit Nepal in May 2008 to receive this special honour from the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

CF Running Nationals Dinner

23 May 2008

Meagan spoke at the CF Running Nationals Dinner in Ottawa, Ontario. Meagan shared her story of running through the desert – hopefully adding to the pre-race excitement!

Women of the Future Conference

21 May 2008

Meagan spoke at the Women of the Future Conference in Sudbury, ON. An exceptional event, where young women from Sudbury were introduced to all sorts of interesting career paths! Meagan was invited to share her experiences of being in the Canadian Forces and being a mountain climber.


Sudbury Rocks! Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes

3 May 2008

Meagan spoke at the “Sudbury ROCKS!” Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes in Sudbury, Ontario. This was a fun event, where Meagan got to share a bit of what motivates her with an audience preparing to take on their own challenges!

Cystic Fibrosis Breakfast of Champions

22 April 2008

Upon her return from the Marathon des Sables, Meagan McGrath was invited to the annual Cystic Fibrosis Breakfast of Champions featuring major local sports stars and emceed by a well-known local personality. It is always well attended and raises funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Science North

10 April 2008

Meagan spoke at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario, and shared her experience of the Marathon des Sables with her hometown.


Marathon des Sables – Success!

26 March – 7 April 2008

Meagan has completed “The 23rd Edition of the Marathon des Sables”! Held in the hot sands of the Moroccan Sahara Desert, Meagan along with 802 other participants, made her way across 245.3km of rocky terrain and sand dunes. For 7-days, she carried everything she needed (apart from a tent) on her back.

The Explorer’s Club – The President’s Award for Heroism on Mount Everest

15 March 2008

On March 15, Meagan visited New York City to accept a most humbling honour.  Meagan McGrath was selected to receive “The President’s Award for Heroism on Mt. Everest”, by the Board of Directors of The Explorers Club. This Explorers Club Citation is granted to an individual or group in recognition of an outstanding feat of exploration or service to The Explorers Club.


International Woman’s Day

6 March 2008

​Meagan spoke at the International Woman’s Day in Trenton, Ontario. There were many amazing women at this event, it was a privilege to be invited to speak among them.

Running Room Marathon Clinic

3 March 2008

Meagan spoke at a Running Room Marathon Clinic. This was a group of very motivated people, and it was fun to speak with folks who are working toward their own goals! Good luck, Runners!

Sudbury Secondary School

27 February 2008

Meagan spoke at Sudbury Secondary School in Sudbury, Ontario. This was a fun experience, and a chance to speak with an audience who was quick to laugh, and who had many questions!

Friday Lunch Discussion Club

22 February 2008

Meagan spoke to a group of remarkable scientists and truly special individuals, at the Friday Lunch Discussion Club, in Ottawa ON. This is a club of different “-ologists” (such as biologist, geologists, etc), so it was fun for Meagan to share her adventures with people who have had so many of their own.

Kiwanis Club of Nepean

20 February 2008

Meagan spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Nepean. This was a fun evening, as Meagan shared how she got into mountaineering, how she trains, and why she continues to do it.

Governor General of Canada Commendation

13 February 2008

On 13 February 2008, Meagan received a commendation from the Governor General of Canada. Meagan attended a ceremony at Ottawa City Hall to receive the honour, in recognition of her involvement in the rescue of a climber in the “Death Zone” on Mount Everest in May 2007.

14th Gloucester Scouting Club

6 February 2008

Meagan spoke at the 14th Gloucester Scouting Club in Chapel Hill, Ontario. It was fun speaking with future adventurers!

CTV Sudbury – Carstenz Pyramid Expedition

2 February 2008

Meagan participated in an interview with CTV in Sudbury, ON. The story focussed on Meagan’s return to Sudbury following her Carstenz Pyramid Expedition, and the effect that her climbing adventures has on her family. A special thanks to Meagan’s sister, for participating in the interview!

Canada Border Services Agency

15 January 2008

Meagan spoke at a Canada Border Services Agency Lunch and Learn session. Meagan had just returned from Indonesia the day before!


Carstenz Pyramid – Success!

January 2008

Meagan McGrath has returned from Papua, Indonesia having successfully summitted Carstenz Pyramid! Meagan has become the first Canadian woman to climb the Carstenz Pyramid version of the Seven Summits, and she is the only Canadian woman to have completed both versions of the Seven Summits!


Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame

17 November 2007

Meagan was inducted into the prestigious Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame. This is a very special honour that has been bestowed among very few CF members. “I am extremely grateful, and feel very honoured by this recognition from my athletic peers, and from the CF.” It was an amazing night, filled with stories, reunions, and meeting many new and wonderful people – a night that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Royal Military College of Canada

14 November 2007

Meagan spoke at her alma mater, The Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. It was great to be back! Go RMC!

National Conference on Women in Engineering

11 November 2007

Meagan conducted a presentation at the National Conference on Women in Engineering, at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario

Canadian Air Division Headquarters

6 November 2007

Meagan conducted two presentations, as part of the Professional Development / Motivational Speaking series at the Canadian Air Division Headquarters (at CFB Winnipeg).

Ottawa Running Room

2 November 2007

Meagan spoke to runner’s who run with the Ottawa Running Room.

Canadian Forces Mapping and Charting Establishment

2 November 2007

Meagan spoke at the Canadian Forces Mapping and Charting Establishment in Ottawa.

Industry Canada – Young Professionals Conference

1 November 2007

Meagan spoke at the Industry Canada- Young Professionals Conference, in Ottawa.


Nepal Mountaineering Association

1 November 2007

Some really special news out of Nepal. On 1 November 2007, Meagan is to be recognized by the Nepal Mountaineering Association for her involvement in the rescue of a young Nepalese climber.

“Thank you for this very prestigious honour. I wish in my heart of hearts that I could attend the ceremony, and I am making every effort to visit Nepal shortly, so that I can thank Mr Ang Tshering in person. In addition to accepting this award, it would have been a memorable experience to meet Miss Hawley. I congratualate her on her award. She is truly an icon in Himalayan mountaineering.”

Charity Event for CHEO

26 October 2007

​Meagan spoke at the charity event, “An Evening on Mount Everest” for Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation, at Camp Fortune, in Chelsea, Quebec, on Friday, 26 October 2007. She spoke with other Everest climbers, Jean Ricard and JF Carrey. This was Jean’s night, as he continued to raise funds for two (2) incubators for CHEO. Congratulations Jean!

Ottawa Women’s Business Network – Annual General Meeting

16 October 2007

Meagan was the Keynote Speaker at the Ottawa Women’s Business Network, Annual General Meeting, in Ottawa. Meagan shared her climbing experiences, and the journey that took her to the top of the world!

Cambrian College

28 September 2007

Meagan spoke at Cambrian College, in Sudbury, Ontario. Meagan spoke with a message of respect for others – and donating time and capability whenever you are able.

Communications Research Council

4 October 2007

Meagan spoke at the Communications Research Council, in Ottawa, Ontario. Meagan spoke of her climbing experience on Mount Everest.

Sudbury Chapter of the Business and Professional Women’s Association

27 September 2007

​Meagan attended the Sudbury Chapter of the Business and Professional Women’s Association Entrepreneurship Awards. Meagan was recognized and honoured with the International Leadership Award as an international achiever in both planning and execution of global adventures.

Explorer’s Club – Chapter Citation of Merit

26 September 2007

On 26 September 2007, at The Explorer’s Club Canadian Chapter Event in Toronto, and Jason Schoonover’s book launch (“Adventurous Dreams, Adventurous Lives”), Meagan was surprised by the unexpected honour of a Chapter Citation of Merit for her courage and humanity on Everest.

Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre – Ottawa Detachment

25 September 2007

Meagan spoke to Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre – Ottawa Detachment in Ottawa, Ontario. Meagan McGrath shared with her co-workers, the experiences of her expedition to Mount Everest during April and May 2007.


Ontario Science Centre

23 September 2007

Meagan spoke at the Ontario Science Centre, in Toronto, Ontario. Following a viewing of the popular Imax film “EVEREST”, Meagan McGrath shared the experiences of her expedition to Mount Everest during April and May 2007.


“Award of Distinction”

20 June 2007

The City of Greater Sudbury recognizes Meagan’s achievement with an “Award of Distinction”. “This is quite an honour, and I’m very grateful to the City for the award. I would like to thank all Sudburians for their amazing support and belief in my ability to achieve this goal. Thank you!”

Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering

5 July 2007

Meagan conducted a presentation at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering (at CFB Borden). Meagan shared the experiences of her expedition to Mount Everest during April and May 2007.


Science North

19 / 20 June 2007

Meagan McGrath shared her experiences of her expedition to Mount Everest with a captivated audience at Science North, in Sudbury, Ontario. It was the expedition of a lifetime! She recounted her feelings of first seeing the mountain that has always been in her imagination, and the adventure of climbing upon the slopes of the world’s tallest mountain – Mount Everest!

Thank you for the Media Coverage!

April and May 2007

The Sudbury Star, CTV television (Sudbury), and CBC Radio provided wonderful coverage of Meagan McGrath’s Everest Expedition! Thank you for the amazing and full coverage of my expedition, and enabling me to share the expedition with all Sudburians!

Meagan on Summit of Mount Everest - IMG_2419

Success on Mount Everest!

21 May 2007

What an fun trip! It was a brilliant time – with great people, beautiful scenery, great workouts, wonderful laughter and surprisingly great food!

People ask if I would do it again, and I absolutely would – in half a heartbeat! If this is what it feels like to achieve your dreams, then Everyone! Go for it! The feeling is amazing!

I’m done resting now, and I have begun training for my next adventure – participating in the Marathon des Sables in Morocco – but I’ll get into that a little later!

Until then folks – start taking those small steps to achieve your greatest personal challenge – it is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself – seriously.

I invite you to continue to visit this site, as I will continue to pursue fun adventures, and I will provide updates here!

A very huge Thank You to Science North, for bringing this expedition to everyone!


International Woman’s Day

8 March 2007

Meagan was a Keynote Speaker at IWD Events at NDHQ! Meagan was invited to be a keynote speaker at the National Defence Headquarters International Woman’s Day events. It was a wonderful opportunity to share her story of making a dream a reality.


Algonquin Road Public School

15 February 2007

​Meagan visited Algonquin Road Public School !

Meagan visited her alma mater, Algonquin Road Public School, and made a presentation to the whole school. She was overwhelmed by the amazing support shown from the students of this fine school.

The effort that Algonquin has put into helping Meagan achieve her dream has been extraordinary! They have truly shown that the capabilities of young students are unlimited! Meagan came away from her visit at Algonquin with a huge burst of inspiration to reach the top of the world – Thanks to the students at Algonquin!

A huge “Thank You!” goes out to Algonquin!


Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School

15 February 2007

Meagan visited Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School! Meagan visited her alma mater, Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School, and made a presentation to the students. She was overwhelmed by the amazing support shown from the students of this fine school.

The interest and curiosity shown by Lo-Ellen students was impressive! There is a remarkable interest in this expedition by the students of Lo-Ellen, a school is known for its excellence in academics and its athletics! No doubt many of the students of LEP will go on to reach the summits of their own capabilities!

A huge “Thank You!” goes out to LEP!

Workplace Presentation

9 February 2007

Meagan McGrath Gave a Workplace Presentation.

Meagan McGrath described how she ventured to “The Continent” – a vast land of ice and snow. She briefly went over her previous adventures, and then moved on to describe what it was like to venture to one of the most desolate places on the planet. There were beautiful views, and stories of adventure!


Sudbury Star

25 January 2007

Meagan McGrath has been featured in “The Sudbury Star”, on Thursday, 25 January 2007.


Mount Everest Expedition Launch

24 January 2007

Meagan conducted a Special Presentation at Science North, on Wednesday, 24 January 2007, 1930hrs, Inco Cavern

Many joined Meagan McGrath as she recounted her adventures from climbing six of the seven Continental Summits. She also tempted audiences with a bit of insight into her preparations for her 7th summit attempt in Spring 2007 – Mount Everest!!!

Thank you to all who attended!