Magic Mountain Partners

With your support, Meagan attempted to summit 5 great Himalayan peaks. Although challenging, not impossible! The weather was a bit of a bother, but one day she'll return!

"Thank you all for your confidence in me and my ability to make safe and smart decisions."

LaPrairie Inc

With its head office in Newmarket Ontario, LaPrairie has been servicing the North American Utility Industry for over 25 years. LaPrairie has focused on the Distribution side of the Utility Industry. LaPrairie is totally focused on the Electrical Industry, committed to providing the best products available and dedicated to comprehensive technical support and after sales assistance.

"Providing excellence within the Electrical Industry."

Merit Travel Group

Merit Travel Group is a privately held, owner-managed company established in 1991 by its current shareholders, Michael Merrithew and Louise de Grandpré. Since 1991, Merit has grown to become the largest independent specialty travel company in Canada. More than 400 Merit travel professionals located at more than 50 offices across the country provide advice and services to more than 500,000 travellers every year.

"...for the Experience."


Icebreaker merino forms a buffer zone around your body, keeping you at an ideal temperature in all climates and conditions. It’s also lightweight, odour- resistant and soft against the skin – all qualities that will help you to perform at your peak.

7 Systems

A micro-nutrient supplement for Endurance Athletes needs to go beyond what a normal daily supplement provides. It needs to supply a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants at the right dosages to help support both basic body health AND those 7 Critical Systems we believe are most stressed by endurance sports.

Trekking Sponsors

Kelly McGrath

Patricia Staniforth-Smith

Denise Denis

Laurie Woods

Nicole Chiasson


Absolute Comedy Night for 2010 Meagan McGrath Adventurer!

Danielle Cardinal Ottawa, Ontario Thank you, Danielle! And thank you for recruiting Michelle Nowlan and Kim Fawcett to help you out in the preparations of this amazingly successful event! It was a total suprise, and a wonderfully fun evening! You all did a great job, not only gathering so many people - thank you Friends! - but also acquiring prizes for the draw! Excellent work ladies - Thank you!! And thank you to everyone who came out to the laugh-filled evening. I hope you all had a great time, and I'm so grateful for your support!


Thank you also to the following folks for their participation and help in making the event a success:


Truffle Treasures
Lara Vaarre's chocolate was a sweet treat during the comedy show - nothing to laugh at - her chocolate is to die for!!


Icebreaker Excellent gear provided by Icebreaker (Vancouver) - folks this stuff works! No smell, very warm, and snazzy lookin' to boot!! Thank you, Icebreaker!


Mike Caldwell
For his donation of his book, "V.E.A.R Toward Success". Looks like some great info inside its pages!


Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy Jonathan Alcombrack, RMT was cool enough to donate 2 gift certificates - Woohoo!


Bite My Lip Bath Bombs www.bitemylipbathbombs.comNikki Reklitis was kind enough to donate 4 gift bags of bath bomb - Thank you, Nikki!


West End HAVC Inc, Toronto ON Thank you to West End HAVC Inc! I really appreciate your support!